May 22, 2024
Aubinadong River

The Aubinadong River, in the Northern Ontario Backcountry of Canada, is a 100 km-long river that is off-the-beaten path of civilization and seldom visited by snowmobilers.

Aubinadong River Looking South

The river starts halfway between Chapleau and Aubrey Falls and flows south for more than 100 kms as a feeder into the Mississagi river. The exit point is a mere 4 kms north-west of Black Creek Outfitters, located along highway 129.

Due to its remoteness away from main access routes, very few venture into this area during winter months, particularly the central and northern portions.

Rocky High Cliffs

The river passes through canyons as it flows south and is surrounded by rocky cliffs to either side and widens and narrows often. The wider sections are like small lakes and tend to be approximately 1 km to 1.2 km long on average, before narrowing, then widening again further down. There are several entrance/exit points into and out of the Aubinadong River via old logging roads.

Majestic Country in Algoma

This secluded section of Algoma country is overlooked when it comes to winter backcountry activities and maybe that’s a good thing. For those who can trailer up, then find your way in, you will likely be breaking your own trails. We broke trail for approximately half of our trip through the river system. The Aubinadong River flows through both the Algoma Headwaters and Aubinadong River provincial parks.

Author: Dan Kachur

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