May 22, 2024

November 2021 – Report #1 – November 12th

November is typically the first month of early snowmobiling in North-Eastern Ontario. Some locations where riders get an early start are specific to higher elevations, proximity to lake effect squalls or farther north routes.


The first riding opportunity is on-average about the 3rd week of the month for north of Sault Ste. Marie and inland from Lake Superior. For those looking to scratch the itch, time is fast approaching to get those backup sleds ready for some November riding. One characteristic about sledding this time of year is your need to ride immediately during or shortly after the snowfall before the next warm-up. The ground is still not frozen. The photo on the left is mid-November riding at Ogidaki Mountain, 40 kms north of Searchmont.


Ogidagi Mountain on average is approximately 4C cooler than within the city of Sault Ste. Marie. While it may be raining downtown in November, it could be snowing in the mountains. Here’s a sample of November snow at Ogidaki Mountain.


As Gordon Lightfoot put it, the Gales of November come early. Here’s a sample of how the high elevation interior east of Lake Superior starts accumulating snow in November.

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