May 22, 2024
Backcountry Snowmobiling

Seabrook Lake Ontario

The Seabrook Lake region offers some of the finest, pristine and secluded scenery in the interior of central Algoma country in Northern Ontario.

Breath-Taking BackCountry

This hidden gem is located north of Aubrey Falls Ontario and about 2 hours north-east of Sault Ste. Marie. The route is accessible from the Domtar road to the west or by the Seabrook Lake road to the east. It’s always gratifying to sled this amazing backcountry route. We have done this section several times over the years. The secluded beauty keeps us coming back.

Remote Powerline

Backcountry snowmobiling
Ogston Lake

The powerline route crosses over several lakes along the way (Heal and Ogston) are a few. Here’s a view of Ogston Lake which is surrounded by hills. There are two options on this section; one is to go around the lake via powerline trail or drop down onto the lake and cross-over, pending ice conditions, snow-depth and slush.

You Are Alone!

Aubrey Falls Snowmobiling
Remote Wilderness

Backcountry beauty in winter can be truly breathtaking. The snow-covered hilly landscape of the Seabrook Lake area and the sense of isolation in the wilderness are all part of the allure to this area. The chances of you seeing someone on this route might be slim. Enjoy your peace away from the city hustle-and-bustle. Please show the highest respect for the trapper as you venture through the trapline.

Author: Dan Kachur

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