April 17, 2024

A Variety of Terrain to Choose From

If you are looking to get a variety of uncrowded riding in Algoma country, then the Aubrey Falls area is the place to be. Nestled along the Mississagi River valley and amongst high rolling hills, this picturesque region offers plenty of back country while still giving you access to amenities at Black Creek Outfitters on highway 129.

Powerline Route – Cross Country

This route starts at the Black Creek Outfitters. You sled eastward down the Black Creek road for approximately 7 kms, then branch onto the powerline and head south. The route goes by Wakomata Lake and onward towards Tunnel Lake. There are branch-offs along the way for those who wish to shorten up the trip and make a half day out of it. If you are planning a loop, you can run the powerline down to Seymour Lake road, then come out at highway 129. From there, head south along the highway, then catch the OFSC (permit required) north trail back to Black Creek Outfitters.

The Sharpsand River Challenge

Aubrey Falls Snowmobiling

One of the more challenging parts of the trip is the Sharpsand River. There are two issues to deal with; one is crossing the boulder-infested river and the second is climbing the steep hill on the south side. With respect to the river, the more snow the better as these boulders will easily fill a belly-pan with dents. On the direct south side of the Sharpsand River is a very steep hill that goes up 220′ over a short distance. Calculations have put this at close to 20% over 750 long. Ideally, if the trail is not already broken, then send up the studded long-track sleds first.

The Roller Coaster

What would exciting powerline riding be without going up and down steep hills and inclines. There is no shortage of the roller-coaster effect on this route. Although one would expect to need deep snow, we completed it with just 12″ to 14″ without incident on our most recent trip along this route.

Author: Dan Kachur – https://sled-x.ca

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