July 19, 2024


Oh Baby! What a day it was, 16″ of fresh powder and absolutely no one out there.


The further north we went, the deeper the snow got and it came to the point of us getting buried in mud and log branches that were hidden below the non-frozen surface. Chad shot up into the bush with the Renegade and broke a turn-around spot, where we were able to get ourselves back out onto the path of recovery. Once the ground is frozen, this route might be quite viable as it does lead into some high elevations. (A video is linked to the photo…click to watch)


Some of these remote regions of Northern Ontario don’t often get traffic. We worked our way through a series of bush and logging roads from north of Searchmont Ontario, to get into the higher elevation snowbelt and of course, off the beaten path for the deep powder. There was absolutely no one out there in the entire area during the past 2 trips to this region. This made for some very prestine photo and bush trail-breaking opportunties. (A video is linked to the photo…click to watch)


Although there was the occasional downed tree along the bush routes, it was not near as bad as anticpated, therefore making for some good progress in moving forward with breaking trail. It appears this area was spared from the series of tornadoes that went through Northern Ontaro in August 2021. On this trip, I was sporting a light-weight fan-cooled classic Polaris, equipped with 96 studs and a skid-clearance kit. Chad was running his long-track Renegade. (A video is linked to the photo…click to watch)

Author: Dan Kachur – https://sled-x.ca

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