May 22, 2024

The abandoned Tribag Mine north of Sault Ste. Marie

December Report – Plenty of Snow

This was my 3rd sled ride of the 2021/22 season in Northern Ontario. December 2021 is shaping up to be a good old-fashioned winter in terms of snow accumulation for the eastern shoreline interior of Lake Superior.

Old Abandoned Mine Visit

The goal on this trip was to visit an old abandoned mine located north of Batchawana Bay Ontario. Sporting a high elevation of close to 1900′, made for some good snow depth. I took a reading, resulting in 55 cms at the mine site. The overall sled trek was approximately 25 kms in and visa-versa coming out. However, the trip could have gone 100’s of kms with the abundance of heavily snow-covered access roads.

Sledders are Out-And-About

Several groups of sledders were out-and-about, making for an enjoyable day of conversations with each of them and also an opportunity to see friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Feedback from one of the groups indicated that parallel logging road routes were also busy with sledders, due to the abundance of snow.

Virgin Snow

Although the main routes were already packed with tracks, it was not difficult to find plenty of side-routes with pure virgin snow to explore. There is currently 3200 square miles of rideable snow in this region, so far this winter.

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